Hi all, thanks for visiting my page. A little something about myself:

I’m a fourth generation Japanese-American, born and raised in Hawaii where I spent most of my childhood growing up. I briefly lived in Japan, near Yokosuka’s U.S. Navy base, where I picked up the language and culture — so I now have fluency in both English and Japanese. I’ve attended Punahou School for middle and high school (alma mater of our current president), briefly studying engineering before making the switch to studying music. I have a bachelors in music composition from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and a masters in music composition/performance from the California Institute of the Arts. I was doing a Ph.D in historical musicology at University of Southern California for a while, but decided to pursue research and writing paths outside of academia.

In recent years I’ve been freelancing as a front-end developer and UX designer, while working as a product manager/data engineer work for a sports-themed social media startup, YourSports. I connected with its founder, Chris McCoy, on the idea of building social networks around geographic and historical identities, something that I felt that the internet desperately needed.

I’ve focused most of my musical efforts on classical improvisation, a method of musical improvisation that combines the spontaneity of improv with the motivic and harmonic forms of the classical style.  My latest project is called Tangerine Music Labs, whom I founded with my partner, Deanna Lynn (violist, poet, and singer) about a year ago. I’ve been lucky enough to have played with some of the best musicians out there, and wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Send me an email if you have any comments/questions, feedback, or proposals you might want to make!