Recent Works (More to Come!)
String Quartet No.8: The Radical Center – 03/2012

Violin 1 – Meagan Mason, Violin 2 – Mishkar Nunez, Viola – Elizabeth Beilman, Cello – Stella Cho. Performed and recorded at the University of Southern California.

String Quartet No. 6: Variations – 10/2009
Violin – Melinda Rice, Violin – Yvette Holzwarth, Viola – Andrew McIntosh, Cello – Chris Votek.  Performed and recorded at the Pasadena Central Library as part of the Pasadena Creative Music series.

Pacings – 09/2009
Flute – Antares Boyle, Piano – Rory Cowal. Performed and recorded at the Japanese American National Museum of Los Angeles, as part of the Pair Work series.

Fantasies for a Quintet [Excerpts] – 08/2007
Performed and recorded by the California EAR Unit at the Ampitheater in Arcosanti. This piece was written for Pierrot Ensemble. (Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Piano, Cello).